Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Procedure Text

In this section, you will learn how to:
  • identify meaning and information in a procedure texts;
  • identify the structure of a procedure text;
  • read a monologue in the form of procedure text.
Definition of Procedure.
Procedure is a text that show a process in order. Its social function is to describe how something is completely done through a sequence of series.

Generic Structure of Procedure.
  • Goal: Showing the purpose
  • Material: Telling the needed materials
  • Step 1-end: Describing the steps to achieve the purpose
Language Feature of Procedure.
  • Using temporal conjunction
  • Using action verb
  • Using imperative sentence
  • Using Simple Present Tense

Between Explanation and Procedure Text.

To see the differences between explanation and procedure, as the wrtiter explained before, we have to analyze the dominant language features and how the texts are used.
Procedure is commonly called as an instruction text. It uses a pattern of command in building the structure and uses the “to infinitive verb” which is omitted the “to” as well. It is mainly used to describe how to make something which is close to our daily activity. How to make a cup of tea, how to make a good kite, etc. are the best example of a procedure text.
On the other hand; explanation commonly uses the passive voice in building the text. It is used such as in  a scientific written material. It describes how certain phenomenon or event happens. How a tornado formed, how tsunami works are the best examples of explanation texts. For further explanation, see explanation text above.

Read and understand the following examples of explanation text!
Text 1
Planting Chilies
Planting is a nice activity in our spare time. The following is guided information on how to plant a chili-plant easily. Here are the steps. Firstly, dry a handful seeding under the sunlight. Secondly, put the seeding on the soil. It should be in an open area. Next, wait it. There will come out the sprout after that let it be bigger.
Finally, put it in another big pot. It will soon grow bigger and bigger and yield us some fresh chilies soon.

Generic Structure Analysis:
  • Goal; informing on how to plant chillies.
  • Material; excluded
  • Steps; showing the steps or method in planting chillies; from drying seed to putting the sprout in big pot.
Language Feature Analysis:
  • Imperative sentences; dry a handful seeding, put it, etc
  • Action verb; put, dry, etc
  • Temporal conjunction; next, finally, firstly, secondly
  • Simple present tense pattern; planting is a nice activity, the following is a guided information
Text 2
How to operate a fan
1)    Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. (AC 120 Volts 60 HZ)
2)    To make the fan move sideways, push the pin on top of the motor.
3)    To move the fan up or down, first pull up the oscilla ting pin, then press the tilt adjustment knob.
4)    To change the speed of the fan, press one of the switches at the bottom.

Text 3
How to insert SIM Card Cellphone
Cellphone is a modern communication device which connects one to the others by voice, written message and data. However this device can not work until the SIM card is inserted.
When inserting the SIM Card to cellphone, make sure that the cellphone has been switched off and follow the direction bellow:
First of all, press the locking catch and slide the cover then lift it off the phone. After that, push two catches in the opposite directions and remove the battery. Next, slide the SIM card carefully into the slot and make sure that the golden connect arson are facing to the connector of the phone. Then, put the battery and align it until snaps into its place.
Finally, insert the two catches of the back cover corresponding slot in the phone and slide the cover forward button of the phone until locks into place. Don't forget to switch on the cellphone. Wait until it is ready to use.